Friday, August 1, 2014


SO you should know by now that my two Pugs (Harry is technically a mix) are my two favorite people in the world! I say people because their personalities and behaviors go way beyond what is normally expected of a dog. I've wanted a grumble (this is a real term) of pugs since I was a little girl and when I was about to move into our apartment, I contacted a breeder in Bath, PA and became the proud adopted mama of Princess Piglet Dickerson-that is her full legal name (we call her Pig most of the time). Then in September of 2013 we decided that she needed a sister and we set out to rescue a pug and nothing went exactly as planned. We eventually adopted her brother Harry from the Ramapo Bergen Animal shelter in Oakland, NJ. Now our hands are just full enough! One pug per person and we often go on "family walks" where the girls team usually beats the boys team in an effort to do our business the fastest.

All of that back story was to bring me to the point where I tell you that I love pug merchandise and now that I have 1 and a half pugs, I can purchase everything without feeling like a poseur. I was on Pinterest searching "pugs" for no particular reason and happened upon InkPug, an Etsy shop where I fell in love with every print and picked out cards for every upcoming event in my life! Below are a few of my favorite illustrations!

This reminds me so much of Harry. Soft as peach, round, and not afraid to show it!

This illustration best represents our crazy, energetic Pig!

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