Monday, September 22, 2014

August Petit Vour Box + Bonus Products

Beauty School- Become Your Own Beauty Expert

I'm so sorry that this post has taken so long! I'll likely have my September box soon to share with you guys too! xo

Beauty School is the theme of the August Petit Vour (PV) box and as soon as I opened it, it instantly struck me as the best one yet! This box included 5 samples that seem like they were picked specifically for me. In past boxes (specifically with Birchbox) I found that 2-3 of the 4-5 samples would actually be used and hardly ever until they were empty. I can tell you on the life of my fur babies that I will use every single one of the items in this box to completion and there is a high probability that I'll be springing for full sized versions as well! 

  • Beauty Without Cruelty-Black Eyeliner
    • I had been wanting to switch to a c-free pencil eyeliner and honestly hadn't gotten around to trying one yet, so I was so excited when I saw this one in my box. Not that I don't appreciate a fun little colored eyeliner from time to time, but black gets the most play with me. I'm so happy that PV gave me black so I can actually wear it to the office and test it out during a normal day in my life. 
  • Earth Body- Beauty Mask
    • What first struck me about this mask is that it arrived in powder form-housed in a small amber colored glass jar. I've heard many times that active ingredients whether they be in food or personal care products must be stored in darker colored glass containers to keep them active and potent. I love that this mask is made of nutrient-rich plant extracts and contain all natural ingredients that require a little extra care to keep them working. The way I see it, natural/active ingredients pair best with my natural/live skin. 
  • Harvey Prince-Perfume (Journey)
    • You may remember from this post that I love my Yogini roll-on perfume from Harvey Prince so I was super excited to receive another scent from their collection. Where Yogini is light and refreshing, Journey is a bit more complex and strong-I can definitely see myself wearing this one on summer nights and throughout the colder months. Oftentimes I will have to smell a scent several times before I can determine whether or not I like it. This was not a concern at all with Journey, I LOVED it immediately. I loved it so much so that I ordered the full-sized version about an hour after receiving my box.  
  • Mi-Me-Tangerine Lip Butter
    • First of all, this lip butter comes housed in a test tube-how fun! Second, it smells amazing. Third, it feels amazing. That's all you need to know-I have it in my purse and find myself applying it far more than is necessary simply because it smells and feels so good! 
  • Rosemire Organics-Sweet Coconut Body Butter
    • It's no secret that I adore the scent and flavor of coconut and this body butter feeds right into my addiction. A thick, luscious body butter that soaks right into the skin making you feel smooth and soft (and tasty). This body butter comes with the suggestion that you lightly tap its contents onto your skin rather than rubbing it in to reap the full moisturizing benefits that it has to offer. Regardless of how you apply it, you're guaranteed to love it! 

Every month, PV selects a subscriber to receive a $50 credit for their online store and I was the grateful recipient of July's giveaway! I wanted to share with you guys the products that I chose to use my credit on. Hint, Hint, I loved them all! 

  • Modern Minerals- Mineral eyeshadow in Burlesque and Cherish
    • I received Lola in my July box and loved it so much that I wanted to give a few other shades a try! Burlesque is a deeper bronze that works perfectly for nighttime. Cherish is a light gold shade that works for any setting or occasion! Both colors wear just as beautifully as Lola and I would definitely recommend giving them a try. 

  • Gressa Skin- Lip Boost Bare 
    • This balmy/glossly lip miracle feels so velvety soft on and enhances your natural color to make it appear that you #WokeUpLikeThis I love to put this on as I'm doing my makeup to soothe my lips and it stays on until I get to work!
  • Aromi Lipgloss- Snob
    • This is a light, frosty pink gloss that goes on so smoothly and offers a very subtle shimmer. Worn alone is a light, barely there shade. It also layers beautifully with darker shades that you may want to tone down.
Side note: something that I really love about PV is their assortment of price points. All of the above products came to $61 before my store credit. While that may be more than you would normally spend if you went to a drugstore or even shopped from a store's own collection, you can rest easy knowing that you bought high quality products from companies that really care. Over the past few weeks, I posted pictures of the above products and past items that I received in my boxes and had conversations via Instagram with the founder of Modern Minerals and Pelle Beauty. That's not something I've ever experienced with larger, corporate companies and to me, that makes a huge difference! #CustomerService 

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