Thursday, September 25, 2014

In Celebration of the Half-Tuck

I've really started to embrace the idea of dressing for myself-of dressing in a way that makes me feel like me. Every article that I've ever read has told me to dress my busty body in a more tailored top to keep me from looking larger than I am. There is nothing that I love to wear more than a loose button down shirt, sleeves rolled up to the elbows, with a half tuck into skin tight or boyfriend jeans. I just love the look of a collar and rolled sleeves paired with a masculine watch.

This little miss has style and sass for days-love her! 

To that end, every time I exercise one of the above mentioned outfit choices, I make sure to tuck my left front flap tightly into my jeans, ensuring that the line of my shirt matches up perfectly with my fly. I was recently told that while presenting at work, I balance authority and casualness really well and I attribute this completely to my excessive use of the half-tuck (which is really the mullet of professional dressing). I've made several lifelong commitments thus far and the newest of which is to immortalize the half-tuck, one outfit at a time.

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