Tuesday, September 23, 2014

TLC Tuesdays [The Best Way to Hang Your Sweaters]

Most experts would say that your sweaters should be folded on a shelf or in a drawer rather than hung up. For me, I prefer to have my clothing hung in my closet and sweaters are no exception. The tricky part here is to ensure that your sweaters don't lose their shape or elasticity. To keep them from "growing" or stretching out and loosening the knit, you want to hang them in such a way that relieves stress from the knit.

I have to be honest here, I don't remember where I first saw this trick, so I apologize for lack of credit given. But I can say that since I implemented this hanging system, I've yet to experience a stressed-out sweater.

1. Fold sweater in half and lay flat
2. Position hanger at arm hole seam of the sweater
3. Fold the body portion of the sweater over the hanger with hook to the left
4. Fold the sleeve of the sweater over the hanger with the hook to the right-the hook should now be centered through the fold of your sweater
5. Hang and enjoy!

PS. These are my absolute favorite hangers. I despise the feeling of velvet, but they ensure that all of my clothing hangs gently and stays put. I also love these for pants.

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