Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Falling . . . . .

Since we are best friends, you should know by now that Fall is my jam. I love pumpkin flavored everything (I'm a white girl) and I really LOVE layers. Also, my skin responds really well to burgundy nail polish, so that's a win for sure. I've been focusing on defining my personal style and attempting to buy more clothing-we all know that I live for jewelry and makeup (there are some on this list). That being said, I've been studying my Outfit Inspiration board to really hone in on my favorite outfit elements and I'm so excited to start putting all of my findings into effect for my favorite season.

Now that Labor Day has passed us and we are in the official first month of the Fall season, I'm counting down the days until the weather gets a bit cooler and I'm forced to wear closed-toe shoes. I have to admit, I created this collection sometime in Mid-July just waiting for the appropriate time to post it here-I obviously exercised a Herculean amount of will power by waiting until September 2nd. The last thing that you should know is that I've been shopping for a few weeks now and have a nice little stash going. At some point, I'd love to pull up my big girl panties (sorry Alyssa) and post an outfit, but I probably won't get around to it.

So here are my fall picks, some of them have already found their way into my closet (pearl ring, rancher hat, all Stella and Dot jewelry, leopard clutch, and Hanky Panky's-I'm lookin' at you). Some of them are at the tippy top of my list and are just begging me to bring them home (Suede tote, and Chloe sunnies)!

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  1. that lulu scarf is EVERYTHING! I have it in gray and love how the buttons let you mix up how you wear it