Tuesday, September 30, 2014

TLC Tuesdays [The Socks that Saved my Style]

Recently, I've been shopping like a mad woman and stocking up on all manners of leather type shoes. Be it boots, slip on sneakers, or loafers. Last year, before I lost my favorite black booties (RIP) after at least 3 years of wear, I discovered these little half-socks. I use the term "discover" very loosely as these have been on the market for quite a few years now. However, I had never invested in a pair, for some reason I never saw a need. Well, I've been put on this good Earth to let every woman know that she needs 2-4 pairs.

Like I said, I started wearing them last year with my shooties (shoe + booties) but this new Fall season has introduced me to a slew of other shoe styles that could benefit from these babies. What I'm saying here certainly isn't revolutionary, but I will tell you that once I opened my heart and sock drawer to these little guys, I found new and exciting ways to wear them! 


  • slip on sneakers
  • athletic sneakers (when worn casually-not for physical activity) [this happens often]
  • booties
  • converse sneakers
  • leather loafers
  • Toms sneakers
  • select ballet flats
I've been able to find these little black beauties at Target (here), Payless (here), and Walmart (here), so you know they're totally affordable. (So you have no excuse not to buy them). Trust me, these made a huge difference when I put these leather slip on sneakers on for the first time-my feet felt so much more comfortable and dry (and not smelly! #winning).

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