Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Introducing TLC Tuesdays

You may remember this post from a couple weeks ago where I talked about small daily goals that I've been thinking about. Well, I was sorting my laundry to go into the dryer last night when I thought of a new series that I'd like to introduce on Novelty. At first, I though "Little Extra Care" but really, my heart loves alliteration and everyone knows what TLC stands for (Tender Loving Care-just incase!) so that is what won out.

I've always been the type of person that puts in a half-assed amount of effort. Just enough to get the job done but never enough to be outstanding or to feel that I've really worked toward something. Well, I've started to realize (about 25 years too late) that it's the effort that you put into the small, unnoticed areas of your life that make all of the difference. For me, that means taking the extra time to make my bed every morning, to not wear the same pair of contacts for 6 months [SO guilty here], and to take stock of my life every once in a while to ensure that I'm headed where I want to be.

I thought that others out there may be interested in putting a little extra effort into their lives and that's why I'm starting this series. So guys, next week will begin the first official TLC Tuesdays. I don't hear from my readers often enough, so if you have a topic that you'd like for me to explore in this series, I'M ALL EARS and eyes now that I've changed my lenses!


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