Friday, September 5, 2014


Currently, I follow 916 friends, family, companies, pigs, and random ass people on Instagram. I LOVE IG and all that is has to offer (and I'm very nosy). I've realized that I follow several accounts solely for the beautiful, inspiring images that they send through my feed. A gorgeous image of Santorini can lift my spirit on a difficult afternoon and a picture of a gorgeous latte can mentally transport me to Sunday brunch with my favorite people.

Below are some of the most inspiring, beautiful pictures that I've pulled from my favorite IG friends, enjoy!

Oh, and don't forget to follow yours truly! (@christabene)

  1. @gabyburger - Beautiful, colorful images from the mind of a fabulous blogger living in Toronto, Canada. Who knew Canada was so chic?
  2. @TOMFORD - For a daily dose of unapologetic sensual fashion. Not only do I worship Tom and everything he does, but he has a way of coaxing out the most luxurious images of the half naked models that he works with. 
  3. @belgravecrescent - For beautiful, feminine images of England
  4. @coffeenclothes -Just as it's name suggests, this account is dedicated to images of coffee and great clothes, two of my favorite things to see! 
  5. @figandolive - For lovers of the mediterranean lifestyle.
  6. @Santorini_Greece -For a daily dose of absolute blue gorgeousness known as Santorini, Greece aka one of my dream vacation destinations!
  7. @PiggyandPolly- Two of the cutest sister Frenchies ever! 
  8. @centralparknewyork - I live so close to the city but no one ever wants to go with me, my best friend and husband both commute in for work! #wah
  9. @thefatjewish - I debated whether or not I should include this account because it is so inappropriate but the truth is that this account has me laughing out loud all the time. If you have a twisted sense of humor, go follow this dude! 
  10. @cecildelevingne - Cecil Bunny Delevingne- This little bun belongs to fashion world's newest it-girl @caradelevingne ! #2for1
  11. @caradelevingne -This girl's eyebrows inspire me daily! She's landed some of the most coveted Fall fashion campaign's including Topshop, Chanel, Mulberry, Burberry, YSL, DKNY, and La Perla.
  12. @emilyschuman - One of my absolute favorite fashion/lifestyle/DIY bloggers! PS for you cat lovers out there, her fur babies make frequent cameos!
  13. @taylorsterling -Another blogger favorite. Follow Taylor for a #bts [behind the scenes] look at life as a blogging new mama from the founder of @glitterguide [see next]
  14. @glitterguide - For a dose of all things girly, fun, and glittery!
  15. @frenchwords -I follow this account in the hopes that I'll actually pick up one french word per day and become fluent and move to Paris. #YeaRight
  16. @dominomag -For chic interiors and #bts looks at the magazine that we all know and love! 
  17. @homegoods -The Instagram account behind the store that my husband has forbid me from setting foot inside (whoops). 
  18. @danasbakery -For gorgeous, richly colored photos of my most favorite treats! PPS Dana's bakery is located about 3 blocks from my house and they have yet to ask me to come in for quality control/taste testing! #rude
  19. @nicolerichie -I just think she is hysterical, I live for her show (Thursdays at 10pm on VHI) #candidlynicole
  20. @targetstyle -For all the latest on their style pieces. This damn store will land me in the poor house, I swear it! Yes, I want the $300 Dior version of these earrings, but for $7.99 at Target I can grab them and throw them out if I felt like it! #sold

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