Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Edie Parker

What we have here is the new Judith Leiber. Where Lieber delivered with a myriad of bejeweled sculpted clutches, Edie Parker picks up with glitter infused acrylic. Parker steps in at a more affordable price (which is still way outside of my clutch budget)-at around $1,200 for a classic clutch and $1,595 for a bespoke clutch (think initials, full name, hashtag, etc). This line was launched after founder, Brett Hyman could no longer find the vintage acrylic clutches that she had been purchasing for years. Recently, Britt has teamed up with the Mount Sinai Parenting Center to donate 10% of proceeds from the sales of two of her pieces. If I didn't already love these bags, that would be a major selling point for me! Check out Edie Parker on Instagram for fun behind-the-scenes shots!

10% of proceeds from the sale of this clutch will be donated to the Mount Sinai Parenting Center in NYC! 

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