Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lush Cosmetics

We've all heard about how amazing and good for you Lush body products are (my faves are here, here, and here) but did you know that Lush now offers hand mixed color cosmetics? Neither did I. The other night my best friend and I wandered into the new Lush store in the GSP mall and I was blown away. Not only is the new store gorgeous (think reclaimed woods and chalkboard displays), but there were several new products that I knew nothing about.

I like to consider myself pretty up on what's happening in the beauty world and I was surprised that Lush pulled a Beyonce on me and launched a cosmetics collection. Naturally, I was drawn towards the uber colorful display and immediately started chatting with a sales associate about the collection. I sat down for a "color reading" and wound up with a bright purple lipgloss (Drive) which I absolutely love!

A color reading consists of the sales associate spinning this lazy susan of color chips, you close your eyes and pick the first 3 colors that you see. I chose In Charge, Feeling Secure, and Drive. The first color is meant to represent a strength of yours (true), the second is meant to represent a weakness of yours (false), and the third is meant to represent a quality you wish to enhance or cultivate more of (semi-true). At first, I thought that all three colors were eyeliners (the wheel is a mix of eye liners, lip glosses, and cream eye shadows). I was all set to purchase Drive, because I thought it could be a really cool eyeliner if used responsibly and upon learning that it was a lipgloss, Alyssa (aforementioned best friend) and I agreed that it was a must-have. 

Even if you think all the color theory is nonsense, it's fun to go in and spin the wheel and grab a couple colors that you may not have previously picked up! 

In addition to the lipgloss, I came home with a Mint Juleps lip scrub. I've been wanting a lip scrub and knowing that everything at Lush is cruelty-free made it an even easier decision to grab one right before checking out! 

It's a very wearable purple when worn with a bit of lip balm!


  1. I am so obsessed with that new lush store! And of course, everything they have.

    1. Agreed! It's so much nicer than the original! I really had to tap into my will power to leave with only a gloss and a lip scrub. I'm planning a "new season" shopping trip soon to grab a few other goodies! ;)