Friday, August 22, 2014

This Weekend

As I write this, it's Thursday and the weekend is so close that I can taste it! The past few weekends have been all about running around and seeing family and I'm ready to take this one at a slower pace. We don't really have any plans which means I want to sneak in a few casual outings to keep everyone (namely me) interested.

Friday- We have summer hours in my office and I'll be going in at 1pm, but before that I'll be stopping by my grandparent's house to see my grandma's new silver convertible. My grandma is officially cooler than me [I drive a Camry].

Saturday- Ms. Pigz will be turning 2 and I fully intend to spoil her! I'm thinking a trip to the dog park followed by some Fro-Yo is in order! This will hopefully be taking place after my triumphant return to hot yoga. Also, the birthday girl will be getting a birthday bath (which she will hate, but she's stinky, so).

Sunday- I don't have a damn thing planned which means catching up on blog posts for the coming week, doing laundry, cleaning our apartment and last-minute brunch plans. I'm planning to text all my friends on Saturday night to pull together an impromptu brunch crew-we've noticed that last-minute plans work so much better for us than setting events up in advance. And brunch should be easy and fun anyway! (sorry for starting that last sentence with and, it just felt so right even though I know it's so wrong. #judgeme) If any of you are reading this post, disregard what I just wrote and expect a text on Saturday night.

What are you guys up to?? Anyone have fun plans that I should be inviting myself to??

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