Tuesday, August 5, 2014

French Toast [donut] Bites

The other night we were both craving Italian and had no energy to actually make dinner so we ordered take out from a restaurant in town and brought home stuffed shells (for him) and baked manicotti (for me). If you're anything like us, you can't possibly bring yourself to enjoy pasta without garlic, cheesy bread, so it goes without saying that we ordered a loaf of that to share. Unbeknownst to me, each of our dinners came with a quarter loaf of Italian bread which we were left with after gorging ourselves on their cheesier sister.

I took one look at the leftover loaves and said to my husband, "French toast bites tomorrow", and he was in. He swears that I stole this recipe from Pinterest, but for once I did not (and you know I always cop to using Pinterest). All I did was tweak my usual french toast recipe and switch it up a bit!

Slice and cube bread, soak in egg mixture (recipe below), then fry in loads of butter!

Once cooked, remove cubes directly from the pan and into cinnamon sugar mix for coating.

Plate and enjoy! It was a happy realization that I had a fresh new bottle of Canadian maple syrup that was begging for french toast. 

French Toast (Donut) Bites


Vanilla Extract

Egg mixture: whisk eggs, 1/2 TSP of vanilla, and a splash of milk.
Cinnamon sugar: mix 1 cup sugar with 3 TBSP of cinnamon

  • Heat skillet on medium with 1 TBSP of butter, let melt. 
  • Soak cubed bread pieces in egg mixture then move into the pan to fry. 
  • Once pieces have cooked, move them directly into the cinnamon sugar mix. 
  • Cover with cinnamon sugar, shake off excess and place in a bowl until ready to eat. 
  • Enjoy!