Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cast Iron Cornbread

Today my division is hosting its annual Thanksgiving Potluck and I can't remember if I volunteered or was given the responsibility of bringing the cornbread. Is cornbread even a Thanksgiving staple-I'm not sure! Either way, I called my father-in-law for his sage cornbread recipe. I thought all along that he had some historical, southern recipe passed down through the generations of his family. I learned that his go-to recipe came from his great uncle Epicurious. 
Antiquated or not, this recipe is the best and the resulting cornbread is so buttery and delicious. I've recreated Epicurious's Sage and Honey Cornbread recipe with a slight modification on the sage. When I say modification, I mean that I went to 3 supermarkets and could not find fresh sage, so I had to improvise with a bit less than 1 teaspoon of dried sage. You can call that cheating, but I call that 'I-was-about-to-stab-someone-improvisation'. 
I was planning to use standard bakeware for my concoction, but I was politely informed by my husband that cast iron is the only way to go when baking cornbread, so I made sure to pick up a Lodge 10.25" skillet.  The best thing about this skillet is that its pre-seasoned-all you have to do is wash it the first time with warm soapy water and continue to use it so that it soaks in all the delicious, cholesterol-ridden flavors of your cooking. 

The Pampered Chef's Measure All is the best kitchen accessory for messy soquid substances-it handles peanut butter really nicely! 

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