Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanks for Inviting Me . . . The Perfect Hostess Gifts for $50 or Less!

I am a huge fan of the lost art of Hostess Gift Giving! When I have people over, I'm usually tired, stressed, hungry, and apprehensive. I've had friends bring wine, beer glasses, aprons, picture frames, serving trays, ornaments, and toys for my pups. Clearly, I have great friends, but not every hostess feels the love from her guests!

It can be nerve-wrecking and annoying to grab a gift for someone that you wouldn't consider a best friend, so I've compiled a list for all hosts. I've covered the hostess that loves wine, chocolate, coffee, puppies, and pampering herself! Thanksgiving is one of those times that you will likely find yourself stopping by someones house and it's the PERFECT day to say "Thanks"!

Jo, this one is for you! 

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