Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vignette Styling

Over the summer, I came across Mackenzie Horan's apartment featured on The Glitter Guide and I immediately fell in love with the studio. The Design Darling writer, decorated her space in such a way that it's both perfectly "styled" and inviting at the same time. Her cube shelving really struck a cord with me-I had been wanting to buy a cabinet to display and store some goodies in my dining room. I had been searching all over for the perfect cabinet and had seen a couple from Ikea that I was not thrilled with. I'm glad that I waited so long before taking the plunge because I LOVE the piece that I finally went with. I chose a unit from Ikea's Expedit series, which offers many different configurations of sizes, finishes, accessories, and price points!

My inspiration ^

My approach when styling each cube is to think of it as a vignette. I prefer that each space have its own theme and color scheme. I spent about 2 hours running around my house looking for objects to style within the cubes and to this day, I love sitting in my dining room staring at the little windows. I tried to bring some of my husband's personality into the display and his cube showcases a wooden puzzle, a Golf coffee table book, and one of his Math textbooks. I use the wicker baskets to house clutter and misc. things. Each member of the house has one-except that I have 2 and the dogs share one. I use them to store laptop power cords, sunglasses, my husband's baseball hats, dog toys, EVERYTHING! 
Each of my pups has a cube in the bottom row that their food bowls live in and I plan on adding 2 more wicker boxes to store gloves, scarves, and hats. 

I have a rather large collection of glassware that doesn't fit in my bar, so I styled 2 cubes based on cool/warm tones. 

The "Color Cube" on the right houses some pretty meaningful pieces:

I gave my husband the NEW YORK photo book for our first Christmas 7 years ago, I found it on a dusty shelf in the bookstore across the street from my college campus. The granite eggs were given to me by my grandmother at my bridal shower-I always played with them as a child. Jon brought me the voodoo doll from New Orleans when he went to help his grandparents clean up from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. 

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