Friday, June 20, 2014

A Post About Toast

We all enjoy the humble piece of toast on occasion. Be it a dry piece when we have a stomach ache or an overly buttered piece from your favorite diner, but how many times do we take the time to really dress up our toast and enjoy it? I decided that I was going to have toast for breakfast everyday for 5 days and report the results.

I was determined to find different (healthy-ish) ways to enjoy toast and I feel pretty confident that I succeeded-and I didn't just throw some eggs on that ish either! All of the below variations include foods that are common in most households and do not require anything more that toasting your bread and slicing some fruits! Tell me you favorite toast recipe, I'm always looking for ways to spice up my breakfast!

Monday- Sliced avocado with alfalfa sprouts and fresh salt and pepper

Tuesday-Sliced Bananas over peanut butter with sprinkled chia seeds

Wednesday- Sliced pears drizzled with honey and topped with chopped pecans

Thursday- Multi grain toast with flavored butters (Honey/Orange and Strawberry)

Friday-Sliced apples with crumbled blue cheese

My husband would like you all to know that he titled this post. I had it tentatively titled as "Toast Swag" and he insisted that "A Post About Toast" is far superior. So here we are, folks. 

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