Friday, June 13, 2014

French Toast

I know, I've cruelly led you to believe that this post is about the American invention of egg soaked bread hailing from the land of berets. Luckily for you, this post is about something so much better than bread (a few of these things actually exist).

You may have seen this beauty parading around NYC with some very famous fashion friends (Eva Chen and Hannah Bronfman to name a few) all while dressed in some of the very best outfits I've seen to date (here and here)! Toast was rescued from a puppy mill and now lives the life of love that she deserves and her parents (presumably) have teamed up with IOMOI to create a line of REALLY cute products with proceeds benefiting the Humane Society! I have to be honest here though, I'd want one of these totes even if it didn't have a philanthropic tag attached! My birthday is nowhere to be found, but feel free to send me one of these bags if you are in the giving spirit, folks.

Check out this cutie on Instagram for a daily dose of adorable!

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