Friday, June 6, 2014

Kitchen Gadgets You'll Actually Need

3 years ago as I was planning my wedding from the comfort of my in-laws house at the age of 22 and had no clue what I would actually need to sustain a home. I ended up purchasing a glass topped dining table that is dirty 2 seconds after I clean it and I registered for a $200 + wine decanter that I absolutely love but never use. Well, I'm here to tell you, there are some "silly" things that I have now that are invaluable in the kitchen. Take it from me, you don't need the waffle maker, but you WILL need that salad spinner (boring, I know)! 

kitchen Gadgets that you actually need

-Electric Tea Kettle-Perfect for boiling water to a specific temperature at the speed of               light!
-Garlic keeper-ensures you don't lose a bulb of garlic in the depths of your cabinet                  and start growing a tree in your kitchen.
-A food scale-the traditional way to measure baking ingredients and great for calorie                  counting.
-A bread knife-you'll use it for much more than bread!
-Assorted scoops-perfect for ice cream, cookie dough, and pancakes!
-A salad spinner-use it for drying salad (I've yet to fine another use-may also work                  for drying socks)!
-Assorted round "biscuit" cutters-these would have come in handy that time I tried to               make English muffins.
-All Out Of List-really helps jog your memory for what you intended to buy at the                    store and cuts down on those I-NEED-THESE-TOO purchases!
-Mini-sized measuring spoons-again would have been super helpful that time I tried to              make English muffins (Does anyone actually own a 1/8 measuring spoon?!)

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