Thursday, June 12, 2014


My suspicions have been confirmed by a very reliable source (specifically Clothes Minded by Jo), and I'm here to let you know that tassels are very in! I have to say, I loved making these tassels (I used this tutorial), they're so fun and colorful and SUPER easy to craft-I've actually started walking around asking myself what items in my life can be improved by a tassel (answer: all of them). I decided to add tassels to a raffia clutch that I bought a couple years ago and I also made a set of wooden tassel/mala bracelets. Remember when I added a couple tassels to this vintage purse? The great news about adding these little beauties is that they can be snipped right off if I grow tired of them-love the flexibility!

SO, what's the deal with this giveaway? I had so much fun making these bracelets and constantly receive compliments on them and I decided that one of my readers needs a set as well! How do you enter? See below for ways to earn up to 3 entries!

1 Entry: Leave a comment below with your 3 favorite colors, if you win, I'll use these colors to make your bracelets!

2 Entries: Leave a comment on my Instagram picture of these bracelets telling me how you would style this set (expect it to go up around noon today)

3 Entries: Re-post my picture of these bracelets with the following hashtag: #noveltyblgGiveaway

*I'll choose and announce a winner on Monday June 16th, and get these babies made and sent off to you ASAP!


  1. Such a cute idea. I haven't seen anything like that around and who doesn't love some good arm candy!

    My fave colors are purple, aqua and pink.

    1. You have been successfully entered! :) If you are the winner, I will use these colors for your set! Good Luck!